ABS is a product of copolymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, i.e. a modification of high-impact polystyrene. ABS plastic sheets are laminated by single- or multilayer extrusion of the highest strength.

Polypropylene sheet is obtained by extrusion of polypropylene. It shows practically no hygroscopic properties, has perfect chemical resistance to most aggressive environments. It is used in concentrated and weak organic and inorganic acids. Ideal non-conductor.

The tape is designed to remove manure in the equipment for poultry farming.

LPPE is a kind of polymers belonging to the class of polyolefins. Polyolefins make up over 60% of all 150 mln tons of polymers produced in the world.

JSC "Gomel Plant “Impuls (Impulse)" offers its products: sheets and strips polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene (TU BY 400047620.001 - 2008).

JSC "Gomel Plant “Impuls" makes reception and processing of waste of1-3 hazard class (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.)

Plastic articles

JSC "Gomel Plant “Impuls (Impulse)" offers its products: sheets and strips polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene (TU BY 400047620.001 - 2008). We produce sheet and strip thickness from 0,8 mm to 8 mm, width up to 1150 mm, the length of the needs of black and white colours (lot-for-lot order - making tapes of other colors).


Our products have high mechanical and physical characteristics and performance, has high weather resistance, resistance to aggressive environments. This leaves almost no rot or rust and does not require painting.


Application area is extremely wide.

Because the material is 1-2 mm thick there is the production of reliable conveyor transportation of bulk materials, excrement removing, feed distribution, curb tape.


Sheet thickness of 2.8 mm is used for manufacturing of bio-toilets, showers, combined flooring and walls in pig breeding farms and poultry factories, warehouses and industrial waste, to protect the buildings; for manufacturing of swimming pools, storage of petroleum, fertilizers, lining of canals and rivers, containers for various technical purposes, the strengthening of embankments of roads and pipelines (geogrid), etc.


From this sheet sets are made butt insulation railway rails R65 and R50 which service is in several tens of times larger than previously used. Sheet is also used for manufacturing of complete sets of plates for straightening paths in the metro, for waterproofing and belt conveyors, manufactured frame basis for air filters.


Plastic sheet thickness 8-6 mm is used as a connector sleeve pipe insulation instead of the previously imported.


The plant products are mainly sold on the markets of Belarus and the Russian Federation. However, the Company will consider proposals for cooperation and collaboration with partners from other countries.


Our Company produces the mine ventilation (square, round) according to the size of the customer, houses for calves and feeder-packs for pigs. We will consider all proposals for changing and diversification of products.


The polymer sheet is resistant to aggressive environments pH from 2 to 12, motor oils, mineral oil, condensate, natural gas, alkali, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric and silicic acid, silver nitrate, potassium chromate, sodium, potassium cyanide, potassium sulphate and other chemicals. Connecting paintings polymer coating is carried out by thermal welding.